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Start The Conversation

Our team understands how to integrate Wi-Fi driven technologies into the retail environment, casting a net that catches and engages a mobile audience. We build a win-win scenario that engages the retail community, mobile consumers and relevant content partners. Prenet will deliver highly targeted messages to engage your customers in a two-way, meaningful conversation. Whether we deliver a turnkey solution or design and build a custom one, Prenet is revolutionizing how businesses think about media engagement marketing, offering control of every aspect of the media channel. The Prenet network is scalable, from local retailers, to entertainment districts. City-wide, regional multi-city and national deployments.

Prenet services:

  • Network installation, monitoring, maintenance and support
  • Marketing Services
  • Portal Development
  • Content Management Services
  • Customer Support
  • Research
  • Data optimization
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Marketing